About Compliancywright

Professionally, I’m Raymond E. Hasson, NCCO, although I prefer Ray to the full name, I take a lot of pride in the NCCO. I completed the National Association of Federal Credit Union’s (NAFCU) Compliance School shortly after joining CorePlus Federal Credit Union in July 2001. Great timing on taking over regulatory compliance, training, and security for a federally regulated financial institution.

Being a NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer may not sound like an exciting job. And when you’re deep into a new regulation it is ok to ask yourself, “Exactly why do I like this job?” But it does get exciting when you realize that the what and how of regulatory compliance can either cripple or empower the business your help.

So that’s what I do, look for that sweet spot where compliance becomes part of the solution.

After blogging on several other topics I thought it was time for a little professional blogging.

If enough hasn’t already been said about regulatory compliance, I know – who even thought anyone was talking about regulatory compliance? -, I’m jumping into the conversation. Compliancywright will try to address the art of compliance. That sweet spot between, No, and, Never! That sweet spot where compliance becomes part of the solution.

Here’s a little more about the professional me: Experienced professional with extensive background in regulatory compliance, training and security. Core competencies are in the areas of credit union compliance specializing in transfering regulations into policy and procedures, the devolopment, delivery and administration of training programs to realize specific objectives and the implementation and monitoring of security systems and tools for physical security as well as fraud prevention, and recovery.

I oversee the operations, staffing, facilities for 9 branch offices serving the Eastern Connecticut area in addition to management of regulatory compliance at CorePlus. Branches include 6 traditional brick and mortar branches, one Loan Zone lending hub, and two Walmart Supercenter in-store branches.

My responsibilities include:

  • Initiating the streamlining of branch product delivery and customer service.
  • Introduction and implementation of web based training, product delivery and servicing.
  • Coordination of transition in vendor services for cash handling.
  • Execution of fraud loss prevention, controls, response, and recovery.

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